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This tool is closed for new registrations and is no longer being developed.

Description Thank you Mozscape :)

Monitor4o is an online tool for monitoring URLs. You add them and it periodically checks for their data. Currently you can monitor these statistics:

  • Facebook Total
  • Facebook Likes - Removed
  • Facebook Shares - Removed
  • Facebook Comments - Removed
  • Google Plus-Ones - Removed
  • Pinterest Pins
  • LinkedIn Shares - Removed

How to start?

To use the tool you need to have a Tool4o account and to use the Moz section you also need a Mozscape API key. You can get these two things for free. First register and login in Tool4o and then register, login and visit this page in to get your API key.


Version History

Monitor4o 2.4.1 - 3 April 2017

- Bug fixed - When one of the users reached the monthly limit of their Moz API key, Monitor4o would stop checking for new data for all URLs of all users

Monitor4o 2.4.0 - 20 August 2016

- Feature removed - The social section no longer shows the count of Facebook likes, shares and comments. Only the total count is available. This is because Facebook changed their API and at the moment I cannot find any working method to get this data. It is possible that they never fix this, but we will see.

Monitor4o 2.3.2 - 11 August 2016

- Bug fixed - Had to change the method of getting Facebook data, since the old one is no longer supported.

Monitor4o 2.3.1 - 25 June 2016

- Bug fixed - Updating the Mozscape API credentials with invalid data was causing a PHP notice and sometimes a PHP error in the server error logs.

Monitor4o 2.3.0 - 22 June 2016

- New feature - New social statistics available: Facebook Total, Facebook Comments, Pinterest Pins, and LinkedIn Shares.
- New feature - Now we show history for the data in the Social section.
- New feature - After you add new URLs, an estimated waiting time before they are all checked is calculated based on the jobs waiting before yours in the queue and the count of the added URLs. Then a countdown timer with the estimated time is displayed in the top part of the page.
- New feature - A second method for opening the history for a URL is available now. A single click is needed (without previously selecting the URL). For the Moz section, just click on the value showing the difference between the current and the previous value. For the Social section click on the value for each social network.
- New feature - Social network icons are added on each row in the main data table in the Social section.
- New feature - New icon in the Social section showing the last change and last checked dates and times. It also changes its picture if there was a change in the URL data in the last 48 hours.
- Feature removed - Twitter data is no longer available.
- Feature removed - We are no longer showing how old is the oldest data for the Social section (since you can see this for each URL now).
- Improvement - URL limit raised for the Social section to 60 per account (from 15).
- Improvement - The monitoring frequency for URLs in the Social section is increased from checked once every 72 hours to once every 24 hours.
- Improvement - The jobs for checking newly added URLs for the first time are now with a higher priority in the queue than the jobs for refreshing the data for old URLs.
- Improvement - The chart columns in the history are now narrower, so more data can be seen at once.
- Improvement - When we did not have data for the difference between the current and the previous value we used to show +0 but now we display either an empty string or [n/a] or "...".
- Improvement - Now we accept URLs with a Cyrillic hostname and encode them automatically.
- Improvement - Some error messages are more clear now.
- Improvement - In the main data tables, the darker rows are now a little darker color, so they are more distinguishable from the other rows.
- Bug fixed - In the Social section when the change for 30 or 60 days was displayed the values higher than 999 were not properly formatted with a comma (1,234).

Monitor4o 2.2.5 - 17 May 2016

- Improvement - New way of sending email notifications that gives me control over the rate at which they are sent.
- Improvement - More reliable way of tracking failed Moz API requests that reduces the chance of marking API credentials as invalid only because once in a while they are rejected by the API.
- Improvement - The user will now receive an email when their Moz API credentials become invalid.
- Improvement - The Moz API data is now called Moz API credentials all around the site (which is the correct way of calling it).
- Bug fixed - When one of the users had their Moz account banned, and their API credentials stopped working, Monitor4o would stop checking for new data for all URLs of all users.

Monitor4o 2.2.4 - 6 February 2016

- Bug fixed - The negative values for the EEL difference, that are smaller than -999 were not formatted with commas and the ones smaller than -999,999 were also not being displayed in smaller font.

Monitor4o 2.2.3 - 16 December 2015

- Bug fixed - Fixed another mistake I have made in the 2.2.0 changes, that causes multiple email notifications to be sent when the Moz data changes.

Monitor4o 2.2.2 - 16 December 2015

- Bug Fixed - Fixed a mistake I have made along with the changes in version 2.2.0, that prevented users from getting a notification email for new Moz data. Good thing the data for my admin account is set up to update more frequently so I was able to see it before it affected other users.
- Improvement - A better error text is displayed when there is no Moz history for the selected URL.

Monitor4o 2.2.1 - 21 November 2015

- Feature removed - Twitter has stopped showing the tweet count, so now we show a message instead. In a future update the whole column will be removed as well.

Monitor4o 2.2.0 - 14 November 2015

- New feature - In the Moz section we now monitor the EEL (External Equity Links) too. It is the number of the juice-passing links from other websites pointing to the URL.
- New feature - In the Moz section you can now sort the data in two new ways: by EEL and by the time of the last change of the URLs.
- New feature - New icon in the Moz section showing the last change and last checked dates and times. It also changes the picture if there was a change in the URL data in the last 48 hours.
- Improvement - You can now add up to 60 (instead of 20) URLs in the Moz section.
- Improvement - Now we are checking the Moz URLs in bulk of up to 10 (instead of 1) and also much more grouped together based on the user that added them. This lowers the chance of seeing partially updated list of URLs when the user is notified for new Moz data.
- Improvement - A better message is shown after adding URLs in Moz and Social sections.
- Improvement - New hint in the Add Urls text box in the Moz section.
- Improvement - In Moz history we remember what is the last section you selected.
- Improvement - In Moz history we scroll to the most recent data initially instead of the oldest data.

Monitor4o 2.1.1 - 21 October 2015

- Improvement - Small change in the Y axis in the MOZ history chart. Now the numbers are written with text, and before they were made with an image. This change is required for consistency with future changes that I am planning.

Monitor4o 2.1.0 - 30 August 2015

- New feature - You can now view the PA, DA and MR history of your URLs. It goes back to the day you have added the URL and lists every change we saw.

Monitor4o 2.0.1 - 18 October 2013

- Bug fixed - The drop down menu for changing the order in the Moz section was being displayed on a new line in Chrome.
- Bug fixed - When empty lines were added as URLs, the message said that 0 URLs were added successfully. Now it displays an error.
- Improvement - The URL column in the Social section is bigger and the others are smaller. This means that long URLs and category names will be displayed on multiple lines less often.
- Improvement - The names of the Facebook related columns in the Social section are changed (they are shorter) along with their representatives in the drop down menu for choosing the order.

Monitor4o 2.0.0 - 25 September 2013

- New feature - You can now monitor these social stats for a list or URLs: Facebook likes, Facebook shares, Tweets, and Plus-Ones.
- Improvement - The number of trashed URLs is no longer displayed.
- Improvement - The drop down menu for changing the order of the URLs is now visible even if there are no URLs added.
- Improvement - Some names in the menu between the header and the first category are now shorter and take less space.
- Improvement - Slightly better explanation in the Quick Start section and in one help tool-tip.
- Bug fixed - Selecting URLs from the Trash in Internet Explorer 7 was not changing their background to blue until you click somewhere else after you selected them.

Monitor4o 1.0.3 - 13 September 2013

- Improvement - A few places in the code where data was not sanitized or validated properly are now fixed.
- Improvement - All URLs are now clickable links.
- Bug fixed - The color of the PA, DA and MR links in the column titles were dark gray instead of black like the other column titles.

Monitor4o 1.0.2 - 11 September 2013

- Improvement - The session time is significantly increased now, so you can leave the site opened and do nothing for much longer time before the site logs you out.

Monitor4o 1.0.1 - 9 September 2013

- Bug fixed - Several small bugs in the php code that were causing php notice messages in the error logs (like calling an undefined variable for example).
- Bug fixed - The time and date that users registered was not being recorded.
- Improvement - Version history can be seen by logged-in users too.

Monitor4o 1.0.0 - 8 September 2013

- Initial release.