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Twin4o helps you find duplicate pages by making it easier to search for parts of the original text in Google. Simply paste some text and hit Start. It will generate 8 links to search result pages in Google. Click on some of them to see if there are websites having this same part of the text.

Version History

Twin4o 3.0.2 - 26 October 2015

- Bug fixed: Fixed a small issue, invisible to users, with certain requests causing a PHP notice in the server error logs.

Twin4o 3.0.1 - 29 August 2013

- Bug fixed: The result layer at the top was too big in Internet Explorer 7.
- Improvement: Small adjustments to the font size and the paddings of some layers.

Twin4o 3.0.0 - 25 June 2013

- Improvement - Twin4o works very differently now. Instead of using the Google custom search now all it does is generating 8 links to search pages in This approach is better because the custom search has a very limited index and therefor gives highly limited results.

Twin4o 2.1.3 - 3 May 2013

- Improvement - The animaton above the textarea, showing the result or the message, is now set on much faster speed.

Twin4o 2.1.2 - 11 November 2012

- Improvement - A better way of program versions numbering. Three digits are used now. The first is the major version, which will change only when huge changes are done. The second will change when smaller changes are done, new features are added and so on. The third digit will change if the only changes are bug fixes and very small or not visible improvements.

Twin4o 2.1.1 - 6 September 2012

- Improvement - Various security improvements.
- Improvement - If the MySQL server is down now you get a proper error messages.

Twin4o 2.1.0 - 10 May 2012

- Bug fixed - There was a bug with a certain type of quotes (“ and ”) but now they are stripped.
- Feature removed - Auto mode is removed because it could be considered to be in violation of the ToS of Google.

Twin4o 2.0.0 - 7 January 2012

- Improvement - Almost entirely new algorithm, which is more simple, fast and ajax based.
- Improvement - The More results button now opens results that are not filtered (no need to click show more results if there are any from the secondary index of Google).
- Improvement - The results are now shown below the textbox and not in a new window.
- Improvement - Smaller textbox, so there is more room for other things.
- Improvement - Captcha is now required only once in a session.
- Bug fixed - The tool was not working correctly with Chrome, but now it is OK.
- Bug fixed - In Internet Explorer the More results button, was not working, now it is OK.
- Bug fixed - In some cases the Abort button was not working, now there is a new abort algorithm.
- New feature - Ajax loading, which means no reloading of the page.
- New feature - jQuery animation effect here and there.

Twin4o 1.0.0 - 21 November 2011

- Initial release.