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Count4o is a tool for counting :). It will count characters, it will count words and it will count a given keyword or key phrase. All you need to do is paste some text and click the button.

Keep in mind that if the text has spelling errors like: "word1,word2" (there is no space after ",") these two words will be considered as one.

Version History

Count4o 1.1.5 - 29 August 2013

- Bug fixed: The result layer at the top was too big in Internet Explorer 7.
- Improvement: Small adjustments to the font size and the paddings of some layers.

Count4o 1.1.4 - 27 June 2013

- Bug fixed: When counting keywords, the percent value uses the word count value. The word count value was fixed two days ago but it didn't apply to the one used in the keyword percent, and now it does. So basically the percent of keywords is more accurate now.

Count4o 1.1.3 - 25 June 2013

- Bug fixed: Probably some browsers were not able to count keywords because they don't support the indexOf() method.
- Bug fixed: When counting words, Count4o wasn't considering the first word of each new paragraph.
- Bug fixed: Additional intervals in the text were increasing the word count. For example two words separated by two intervals were three words for Count4o.

Count4o 1.1.2 - 3 May 2013

- Improvement: The animaton, showing the result or the message, is now set on much faster speed.

Count4o 1.1.1 - 11 November 2012

- Improvement: A better way of program versions numbering. Three digits are used now. The first is the major version, which will change only when huge changes are done. The second will change when smaller changes are done, new features are added and so on. The third digit will change if the only changes are bug fixes and very small or not visible improvements.

Count4o 1.1.0 - 28 October 2011

- New feature: When counting a keyword, you can now see what percent of all words is this keyword.
- Bug fixed: All new lines are now removed, when counting keywords, and are replaced with " " (an interval). This means that now if there is a new line starting with the keyword, it will count it.
- Bug fixed: These characters are removed, when counting keywords: '",.;!?„“(). This means that if there are keywords surrounded by them, they will still be counted.
- Bug fixed: All letters are turned to lower cases, before counting keywords. Also the keyword you are counting is turned into lower cases. This removes all bugs related to lower and upper letters.
- Bug fixed: The Enter key from the keyboard is disabled in the text field of the keyword. This way now when you write a keyword and press Enter nothing will happen, instead of before when the page reloaded and all fields became blank.

Count4o 1.0.0 - 14 September 2011

- Initial release.